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Response to COVID19

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

These are CRAZY times we are all experiencing separately, yet together. The team here at Cascade Family Medicine, Aesthetics and Aviation, as well as every business trying to stay open currently, are doing all that we can to minimize spread of infection with extra sanitary procedures and trying to keep ourselves healthy so that we may continue to care for each of you.

We are continuing to see patients in the clinic, but to protect the majority of our patients who come in as healthy individuals, we stopped seeing anyone with cold/flu symptoms as of March 10th. We understand that this leaves some individuals needing to seek care at urgent care clinics, but we are also ready and able to handle Tele-Health Visits to discuss problems or even review labs.

Many of our current patients know that over the past few years, the focus at Cascade Family Medicine has gravitated towards a focus on preventive and functional medicine. Our focus is on HEALTH care and less on SICK care. It is rewarding and exciting to work with people who want to either see change/improvement in their health or maintain good health and prevent what seems these days to be the onslaught of inevitable chronic disease as we age. (This isn’t so folks! There are things you can do to prevent this!)

During this national health crisis, as we try to contain and fight the novel COVID-19 infection, it is even more important that we focus on improving our general health and boosting our immune systems, so we can handle the stress/invasion of infection. We encourage all to follow CDC recommendations which are…if you have Cough, Fever or Respiratory Distress (difficulty breathing) then you should isolate yourself and anyone who has close contact with you. If symptoms are severe- then you should go to the ER for treatment. As of now, there is no cure for this virus. Avoidance is our first action, then symptomatic treatment is all one can do at home if you contract it.

We will use these next few weeks to address some of the exciting things we have been doing in the clinic to improve health and longevity for ourselves and our patients.

We pray for all to stay safe and healthy! We are not sure what the near future holds for each of us, but know that in the interim, we are available for Tele-Health conferencing when needed.

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