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What's in a check-up?

Ever wonder what is done during a preventative wellness exam? These exams, commonly known as check-ups, provide you and your provider an opportunity to discuss your overall health and wellness. At these appointments we discuss recommended vaccinations and screenings for diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes or prostate, breast, or colon cancer. We update your surgical, family, and medical history. A thorough physical examination is completed from head to toe, including a detailed skin exam.

For children, we review growth, mental/social/physical development, anticipated changes that arise as your child grows, and recommended vaccinations. We also discuss safety issues that each parent should be aware of including car seat and home safety. Sports physical forms and Scout participation forms can also be completed at these visits. Most insurance plans include at least one wellness exam per person per year at no additional cost or co-pay to you. Schedule your preventative wellness exam today!

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